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You Were Saying?

This wonderful piece made me think about the many sales pitches I have attended AND given. Often I was so bored that I wanted to run out of the room even if I was the one speaking. Why? They just went on and on and… you get the picture. So put yourself in the mindset of the audience and evaluate:

– Relevance
– Context not just content
– Is it fascinating?
– If it had to all be said in three minutes what would you edit out?
– What is the ending because you had better start there

My friend recently told me about cleaning out her closet and being advised only to keep the things that brought her joy. I applied that thought to pitches and proposals. Please read the following article and share if you can make the same application.

Eloqui Tip of the Week: YOU WERE SAYING?

A recent Wall Street Journal article: No one listening? Maybe you’re the problem cited a common communication failure. If you’ve ever said “I can’t make myself heard in meetings or conversations” the WSJ article suggests self-examination. Do you ramble on, without purpose and unaware of your listener’s interest? Do you fail to recognize cues that others would like to join the conversation? Are you truly paying attention, without being distracted by various devices or screens?

We tend to blame inattention on our fast-paced society, short attention spans or lack of intellectual curiosity. Whatever the reason, we’re less effective today at Homo Sapiens’ greatest attribute, the exchange of ideas through dialogue.

But give yourself a break. In our partnership, if David likes someone, he can talk the paint off a barn. If Deborah is excited about a recent project, details flow abundantly. Even though verbositycan come from a good place, you still need to measure your word count and self-edit. Most of all, be present. Beware of delivering an “internal monologue.” Hone your observational skills, and ask questions so you can steer the conversation into a meaningful area. “Be Here Now” has never been more important.

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