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International Medical Group

Dana Point, California

The Extraordinary Events team joined forces with an international medical group at the Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA to recognize their top performing doctors and to celebrate the achievements of three retirees, in two incredibly unique events.

The first, transported the doctors to the magical world of wizards as they embarked on a journey to the “streets” of Hogsmeade. An opening reception, featuring Ollivander’s Wand Shop and The Three Broomsticks Bar, and an enchanting dinner in the iconic “Great Hall,” allowed guests to truly be a part of the story.

The second, formulated around the beauty of the bonsai tree, one of Earth’s most remarkable forms of growth. These trees acted as the centerpiece and focal point of the event. As one centerpiece is awarded to one guest at each table, the individual bonsai trees supported the theme perfectly…they represented growth and strength and determination and would be a living reminder of the doctors’ achievements. As doctors were celebrated for their growth and accomplishments, this unique theme showcased the importance of their life-changing work.


Team EE thoroughly enjoyed producing a weekend of events celebrating the success of the doctors that work daily to enrich the lives of their community!

The Results:

  • Provided a platform for So Cal doctors to receive recognition for their outstanding achievements in medicine.
  • Simultaneously created, produced and executed two uniquely styled events, conveying one unified message, while keeping costs down.