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LA Promise Fund – #GirlsBuildLA Event

Los Angeles, California

Everything about this once in a lifetime experience set this event apart from anything we’ve done prior. It was a life-changer for 10,000 girls. How to keep them engaged for five hours, how to inspire them to change the world for the better, how to build their self-confidence, how to influence them to engage others. It was a tall order with a lot of expectations.

A star-studded, world-leader roster of who’s who seeded our efforts including such notable names as Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, and former first lady, Michelle Obama along with many other influential women who are leaders in business and culture.

To manage it all, Rhyon Brown (host, singer and actor) emceed all that was relatable and engaged the girls with positive messaging. Throughout the morning, there were moderated conversations, chats about “the business of being you”, “raise the bar, open the door…what does it take to be at the top of your game”, during #realtalksessions.

Have you ever heard 10,000 teenage girls cheer? The swell of positive sound was its own kind of symphony when Hillary Clinton walked onto the stage. And she spoke from the heart. Not about politics but about growing up and the challenges of young adulthood. In her words, “You are valuable, powerful, deserving of every chance opportunity in the world.”

In a final moment, a video from Michelle Obama lit up the screens. Just watching the fascinated and appreciative faces was…well, it filled the heart of all of us who worked on the project. It’s quite something to see the transformation of hope light a face.

Behind it all, the EE team was crazy busy doing what we do best, producing the event with expert stage management and a multi-tasking professional backstage team. Because we had orchestrated a well-choreographed ballet of management of a wide variety of speakers and needs, we kept the usual chaos of backstage to a minimum, juggling one or two press conferences while one panel was on stage, and another speaker was being readied to go on stage. The planning created order from chaos and even secret service was happily surprised.

The Results:

  • Inspiration and hope for 10,000 young girls from all over Los Angeles attending the event.
  • Provided an inspiring, informative, educational and motivating day that would appeal to the young girls.
  • Provide a safety and security plan for high-profile speakers and participants.
  • Simultaneously manage a VIP breakfast and photo ops with speakers for 250 local elected officials, board members, sponsors and funders.
  • Created an event that would become a legacy event, garner substantial press, social media hits which tallied at Pre & Post-Event Coverage Hits: 38 and Pre & Post-Event Total Impressions totaling 396,765,228.