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Mini Countryman – U.S. Car Launch Tour

“Wanderlust” was the theme for MINI’s US car launch of the new four-door Countryman. The goals of this campaign were to associate MINI drivers with the free-spirited type who can pick up and find adventure no matter where they are or what they’re doing. To exemplify that, MINI collaborated with the German agency Avantegarde and Extraordinary Events to throw over 15 events in five top U.S cities while using social media to promote and generate a buzz over a six- week period.

Austin was the first of the five major cities MINI stopped in, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and finally New York. Wanderlust events ranged from night surfing, deep sea fishing and food truck hopping to two large events consisting of a concert in Malibu hills and food gathering throughout the five New York city boroughs, which culminated in an evening of cocktails, dinner and an after party.

The common thread to all of these adventures was of course the MINI Countryman. Not only did the social media “influencers” execute the different events using the MINIs, but the vehicles were also key elements staged to enhance each Wanderlust event. From the headlights of the Countryman lighting the ocean during the night surfing event, to the vehicles being used to gather food in New York, the MINIs played a key role in each experience.

Time was EE’s number one obstacle as venues were booked anywhere from three weeks to three days out. Once locations were confirmed, distributing 42 cars throughout the 15+ events provided the next challenge, but with help from our automotive partners, that too was executed with ease. Though these events were created to look as if participants sporadically decided to take off, it was EE’s production and logistical involvement that enabled them to appear as such.