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MUELLER, Incentive Trip

Island of Barbados

The annual President’s Club trip went to the beautiful island of Barbados for an inventive incentive program for the awarded members of Mueller and Anvil. We challenged the island with “firsts” and the results? Amazing!

Ocean Two was the host hotel. The rooms were gorgeous, the views unparalleled. But event space didn’t exist, so we created our own.

The opening night welcome event took place on the rooftop overlooking the beach at sunset. Here a combination of lounge furniture and chocolate linen with white Moroccan lamps were enhanced by romantic lighting as an island duo entertained. What a start!

Breakfasts called for quick turnarounds for early morning breakfasts on the rooftop where decor was colorful and sustainable. Then it was off to either group (day one) or individual activities (day two). And Barbados had much to offer.

Night Two…privatizing the stunning Cin Cin Restaurant an exquisite menu was customized for the group. Using the interior lounge/art exhibit area for cocktails, the exterior overlooking the seas was set for dinner where another talented local music group entertained.

Experiencing the very depths of the seas (Atlantis Submarine) was followed by an afternoon of riding the waves on a luxurious catamaran, swimming with turtles and later snorkeling on the other side of the island. OK, that’s under and on top of…but it wasn’t over yet, because now the program’s final night really had to take flight.

With boarding passes in hand, limousines brought our guests to The Concorde Museum, where the plane that once actually flew to Barbados was in residence and available for guests to tour. Green screens allowed for them to be photographed in any of the Concorde’s destinations. After a short cocktail hour, a custom history of the aircraft was projected onto the plane itself. Then it was off to a catered dinner beneath the wings of the majestic aircraft. After awards were presented a short and dynamic laser show was created to kick off dancing until the wee hours.

Meeting some of the guests at the airport, we at EE were challenged with “you’re never going to top this one” to which we coyly replied, “don’t’ bet on it!”