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Stella & Dot and KEEP Collective HOOPLA Conferences

MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

Often times in events we are handed the opportunity to make a difference, and this time we were tasked to inspire thousands to BE BOLD. It is one thing to say, ‘BE BOLD’ and another to actually BE bold. We created the concept and then told the executives what we wanted them to do; jump out of an airplane while narrating the jump. No photoshop. No animation. Jump. Themselves. Out of a plane.

They did. Then, they shared how “being bold” made them feel, encouraging the audience to make leaps in their own lives by following their example.

We created the entire conference around the BE BOLD messaging and spoke to two distinct brands yet presented a cohesive family feel in two 3-day conferences that overlapped within four days.

The room and stage design had to accommodate multiple configurations of seating groups within one ballroom. Some sessions were for 1,000; others for 3,700 and yet another for 4,700 and they kept switching back and forth. Flexibility was key. To accomplish it we used both different seating configuration and lighting to make the room appear to fit each of the differently sized audiences.

The stage and the screens had to be designed so that they appeared to be centered whether the room was cut back for the 1,000 or expanded for the 4,700. To make it work, we created a “chameleon” style set that worked for both brands, then we incorporated two huge (45’ x 15’) LED video screens and a 32’ wide center projection screen. Designed to be white, we added two LED frames around the center screen so we could creatively light shows and create brand-specific backdrops for each brand. This also allowed for movement and creative environmental change that created a family atmosphere for the meeting and embraced the community of each brand.

Additional elements included satellite product stores which were branded with appliques and signage over multiple floors, hallways and foyers. Even the giant windows of the hotel were customized. In one lobby, two 20’ LED screens were filled with content introducing the BE BOLD concept. Various product stores were designed, built and dressed specifically for product displays.

Social media opportunities in two foyers ran concurrently with photo walls constructed out of paper flowers in brand colors, marquee letters, inspiration boards where participants could post messages about themselves and to each other became photo opps. From beginning to end, we delivered the message – on brand, on point, and in a myriad of inspiring ways that created a great experience for the attendees.


  • We developed a strategy that branded the two companies with one message.
  • We created a layout that worked for varying audiences and kept costs down.
  • We displayed product in an innovative way to showcase new designs through the use of product displays and a live jewelry fashion show that was broadcast on big screens.
  • We created lots of photo opps that said “we are one bold community of women” that resonated on three floors and around every corner.
  • Found a relevant and daring way to help leadership get their message across and show that they are living out the belief that they have in the Stella & Dot and KEEP brands.