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Indiegogo – CES

Las Vegas, Nevada

Indiegogo’s presence at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas made a statement that was noted by thousands. EE’s concept, design and execution took the Indiegogo life cycle full circle to show how the product went from concept to delivery. The slogan of “Indiegogo Means Business” was brought to life through multiple uses of gogenta (the hot magenta brand color) that styled Indiegogo’s booth beginning with the ramps of the escalators leading to the hall, hallway signage, and even the carpeting of the booth.

The highlight of the booth, the “Tree of Millions,” quickly became the centerpiece of Eureka Park at CES, as the impressive tree was visible from everywhere. The organically styled tree was constructed out of metal circuitry that lit upward with LED stems in the trunk. Symbolic of a life cycle and growth, the white light bulbs represented future ideas and pink bulbs represented successfully achieved campaigns. Metal leaves represented the abundance of success that the life cycle creates and were imprinted with names of successful campaigners.  It was a critical traffic driver as curiosity brought people to see it, photograph it, and even offer to buy it as they stayed to find out more about IGG.

Campaigner products were on display as successful campaigners drew in crowds telling their stories. Professional MC’s ramped up the mainstage, which hosted product demos and fireside chats from the likes of 3M & Bose.

A custom trivia game was created to test show attendee’s knowledge of shipping and fulfillment and with another emcee, the buzz for IGG on the CES show floor was non-stop.

The Results:

  • In comparison to previous years, the trivia game alone quadrupled leads.
  • The booth was the talk of the show as people found the tree irresistible. Even the CES personnel stopped by to say that the tree was the best thing at Eureka Park.
  • Every seat for the presentations was filled to capacity with creative signage announcing the upcoming programs.

With the final stamp of approval, our client said, “I want to follow-up and agree that this felt like our best presence ever at CES to me. The booth was fantastic.  The events in the space were super. The messaging perfect. Great integration with our ESP partners, amazing Enterprise presence. Great stories. Way to go, team. I’m also really proud to wear gogenta with all of you.”

Our client asked for results – we delivered with extraordinary creativity and precision.